CleanHull Ltd provides the industry with a highly professional hull cleaning service and propeller polishing. With todays bunker prices on the increase, regular hull cleaning can be good business for the vessel owner! Most of our clients have reduced their fuel costs by up to 7-8% after our cleaning services.

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The difference that makes sense and saves you money!

The difference that saves you money!


Waste Handling system-Algeciras

Periodical performance testing.

In April, the local harbour authorities, in co-operation with Maersk, invited Cleanhull and other companies performing hull cleaning in Algeciras to do a performance test to measure the efficiency of the waste handling systems. The authorities will not publish the result, but the feedback we got showed that our waste handling system is working as planned, and will contribute in the aims to keep Algeciras a clean harbour. Although we have the authorization to perform hull cleaning in Algeciras, Cleanhull will do further improvements on our Waste Handling Systems to make it even more effective.


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Waste Handling system-Algeciras

Periodical performance testing.