CleanHull Ltd provides the industry with a highly professional hull cleaning service and propeller polishing. With todays bunker prices on the increase, regular hull cleaning can be good business for the vessel owner! Most of our clients have reduced their fuel costs by up to 7-8% after our cleaning services.

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The difference that saves you money!



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Ship Hull Cleaning

The latest solution for professional cleaning
CleanHull offers efficient and competitively priced ship hull cleaning, based on CleanROV technology. The CleanRov is a brushless cleaning method which uses only high-pressure seawater for cleaning and does not harm anti-fouling. This method is based upon CleanHull´s own developed and patented high-pressure water cleaning technology which consists of a specially designed ROV (remote underwater vehicle).

CleanROV is designed to crawl around a ship's hull, rotating around its own axis. Cleaning is carried out using water at intermediate pressure, carefully
removing any fouling. Several tests, documented by independent surveyors, prove that CleanROV does not cause damage or abrasion to the anti-fouling.

CleanROV documents the whole cleaning operation with several cameras, enabling random quality controls of the cleaning process. The CleanROV is developed to perform vessel hull cleaning within new environmental rules, regulations and restrictions.

Propeller Polishing and cleaning of thrusters, rudders and seagrids

CleanHull also have their own fully operational dive team which can provide various underwater works such as propeller polishing, cleaning of thrusters and thruster tunnels, sea chests, suction grids and rudders. We are also fully competent in dive repairs and general diving ship related solutions. Our partners also have the authorizations to do full IWS (In Water Survey).


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